1st Drawgasm – 17th April 2013

Last night we held the first Drawgasm event at ArtSchism gallery in Brighton.

We played a series of games and exercises designed to help elicit collaborative creativity and character creation.

20140418-045407 pm.jpg

20140418-045427 pm.jpg

20140418-045446 pm.jpg

20140418-045531 pm.jpg

20140418-045618 pm.jpg

20140418-045833 pm.jpg

20140418-045849 pm.jpg

20140418-050013 pm.jpg

20140418-050043 pm.jpg

Drawgasm workshop at ArtSchism

20140418-055033 pm.jpg

20140418-055048 pm.jpg

20140418-055106 pm.jpg

20140418-055120 pm.jpg

20140418-055135 pm.jpg

20140418-055152 pm.jpg

20140418-055206 pm.jpg

20140418-055222 pm.jpg

20140418-055238 pm.jpg

20140418-055301 pm.jpg

20140418-055319 pm.jpg

20140418-055331 pm.jpg

20140418-055343 pm.jpg

20140418-055357 pm.jpg

20140418-055411 pm.jpg

20140418-055422 pm.jpg

20140418-055432 pm.jpg

20140418-055442 pm.jpg

20140418-055452 pm.jpg

20140418-055505 pm.jpg

20140418-055514 pm.jpg

One thought on “1st Drawgasm – 17th April 2013

  1. Hi,

    Amazing artfuns you’ve posted here!

    We met the other night at your Drawgasm funshop at Art Schism. I was the bloke who designed the DoodleFest flyer.

    Your funshop looked amazing, with some excellent drawings coming out of it. Gutted I missed out on taking part. You expressed interest in maybe doing a similar setup at the Doodle Fest that Tamara, Roy and myself are organising. If you would still like to be involved, please do get in touch and we can sort something out.

    The website for the event is http://www.doodlefest.net

    All the best and I look forward to more drawgasming.

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